jeudi 16 août 2007

MC TIA Queen of HipHop...

Big up to her, Mc TIA live from Denmark ... hip hop is still alive!
Big up to her dj, my man
LP² aka charal cheesburger man! maintenant, un peu de promo...

MC TIA Biography :

The slightly different background may shed light over Tia's musical ambitions, yet still won't touch the source of her personality as she is more or less someone you cannot quite catch. An extrovert personality but with layers of something mysterious you can't grasp.

Tia comes from a musical family, with her father being a Radio speaker, drummer and radio DJ for 25 years and her mother being a big Motown fan, working as a journalist in culture, politics and arts some may say the influences are obvious.

However it was not until Tia started middle school that she found her true passion for music. As a child, she was encouraged to attend piano lessons, ballet classes, drama and she was constantly painting, writing or singing.

Always on the move, the family lived all over the world before settling in Copenhagen, Denmark in the early 1990'ies.

She attended a creative free school where speaking your mind and not minding your tongue was highly encouraged. She took music lessons several hours a week, being part of a band playing Funk and Jazz.

When she left middle school it was already becoming clear that music was the inevitable path in her life, and when she started high school she knew she could not fit in to the system no matter how hard she tried.

Being a strong left wing activist, a feminist and extremely motivated she dropped out and decided to pursue music fulltime. A long period of hard ups-and-down's followed, and finally the break came when Tia crossed paths with rapper ALX and they started their own independent label Okayhater Music (2001).

The debut co-release with ALX, at 18 years old was the sold out 12" produced by World DMC Champion DJ Noize, and from there on they seemed to appear everywhere both in Scandinavia and in The US linking up with Chicago based and underground legends The Molemen.

Receiving major label offers from BMG, Universal, management and production deals, Tia has always gone her own way and refused to give in to anyone who has tried to make her into something she is not.

In 2007 MC Tia signed with Gateway Music (sub label of DMF Music) to release her EP "Shades of Variety."

MC Tia has performed in Sweden, Denmark, France, UK and Turkey.

She has a discography of over 20 releases and features, hip hop documentary features, over 100.000's of downloads and interviews in rare Medias such as Tolo TV in Afghanistan. She has also spoken about Hip Hop culture and about being a rapper at the " University of Modern Design " in New Delhi, India, and held a hip hop workshop for kids and teenagers, providing writing and rapping techniques, musical history and performing live.

She has compiled her own team of producers, DJ's and designers from all over the world, stressing the importance of spreading the hip hop culture as well as preserving it.

"The Super Fresh Remix Mixtape" which is out this year 2007, is an ode to expression in all musical forms within hip hop.

"I wanted to create something real hip hop but without any musical or lyrical boundaries. That's why you got everything from soul, jazz, reggae, electro and straight up and down 95 bpm hip hop…(to) be able to play with diversity ! "

MC TIA Discography :

ALX & MC TIA- The Real/Triumphin 12" -2002
Wallboomers and Run For Cover Records

DJ Swab Half and Half Album-2003
AYP Records

Duggud-Sooner Than Later LP-2004
Nothin but skillz inc.

Nothin But Skillz Vol. 1 – 2005
Nothin but skillz inc.

Perfect Combination-Conquer Album- 2005
elQpe productions / GAU records

Chroome XTP Mixtape-2005
XTP Productions.

Lush Album-2005

DJ Phantom LP-2005

DJ Flip- Street Heat Vol 1" -2005
Lucky Charm Records

Undisounous EP -2007
Satu Records

Fredric Uppföljaren -2007

ALX-For the people LP -2007
Okayhater Music

Mazy-Fire EP
Nothin But Skillz -2007

It's her Turn mixtape- 2007
Rap Zone

MC Tia-Project Dubplate pt. 1
Pressed by Undabass Sound -2007

RSP LP- Released 2007

Megalarge & Wildelux LP – Released 2007 ?

Kush - Give me a break! Mixtape -2007

MC Tia side projects:

Mc Tia & The Urban Jazz Bandits:
Press PDF:


Anti Music Censorship Song "Can you censor this!"
Feat. MC Tia, MBS, zed, youss etc.

MC Tia -"Out here in the street" used as theme in skate video
Street Addict

DR 1-Boogie
TV live from 24 Karat koncert in Århus

Documentary "What is language"


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MC TIA "Behind the scenes" 2007